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Ayurvedic Massage For Weight Loss

Ayurvedic has several massage techniques that can help losing weight and speed up burning of accumulated fat and removing cellulite under the skin.

Ayurvedic massage is best combined with other lifestyle and diet modifications based on your specific body type. Only your practitioner can determine your element and treatment needs. Your full body massage will focus on eliminating impurities by stimulating the digestive and respiratory systems in order to improve immunity, decrease stress and increase harmony of your body and mind.

Herbs and Plants are used in Ayurvedic massage for panchakarma, the process of helping the body to eliminate toxins ( ama). Ama is undigested food or toxins that remain in the body and cause weight gain. Ayurvedic massage removes ama using specific plant-based oils designed for your body type and imbalance. Other techniques such as enemas, nasal sprays, or herbal remedies may also be suggested to complement your massage.

Ayurvedic Massages used in Ayurvedic world for weight loss


The most popular and largely used body-toning program is known by the name Ayurvedic Powder Massage  In this method, the combination of prescribed herbal powders and oil is applied on the whole body. This message helps in reducing fat and providing the strength to body along with preventing the skin to become too rough or dry.

Benefits of udvartana
  1. helps breaking cellulite tissue and burning accumulated fat under the skin.
  2.  improve complexion of skin and make it looking fairer.
  3. reduces body odor.
  4. improves circulation  in the skin.
  5. helps reducing excessive sweating.
  6. If you feel heaviness in the body, then it is very good option for you.

In this treatment, only dry powders are rubbed on body parts excluding the head, neck and limbs. Mostly used in obesity and diabetic cases, this method helps in removing excess water and earth element with an ultimate motive of reducing the fat. This method even works as a natural full-body exfoliation treatment and helps in get rid of stress too.

Benefits of udvartana

Rubbing dry herbal powder helps breaking cellulite tissue and reduces fat.


Diffrent  oils and herbal powders are mixed to create a  paste and then same paste is rubbed all over the body. These herbal products help in weight loss and enhance the glow of skin due to their highly rejuvenating properties. This technique also helps in removing body odor, improving digestion and revitalizing the sense of touch.


Massage with some unique ayurvedic medicated oils can help reducing weight. These oils contain some herbs, herbal extracts and prepared with herbal juices. The main ingredients of these oils act as fat burner.

 Benefits of Abhyangam

This method is beneficial in increasing the flexibility of muscles, rejuvenating skin and getting rid of various impurities. It helps in increasing the immunity as the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies increases with the massage. It boosts the weight loss program and nourishes the overall well being of body by promoting eyesight and sleep well.


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