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Let your healthy eating define your personality

Consuming appropriate amount of foods for a healthy life is healthy eating. Diet is mostly referred to as some nutritional course of therapy for losing weight. But in fact, diet simply is what we eat in the course of a day, week or a month.

A fine diet promotes sound health. A nutritional lifestyle is a fine diet that includes many good groups as a single group cannot fill the essence which human needs for better health.

It matters

Big breakfast, a research have shown helps to maintain weight.  A large breakfast containing around 700 calories is favorable for losing weight. It further prevents from diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart diseases.

Is your healthy eating definition right?

A balanced diet is the vital part of healthy eating.  Appropriate diet means consumption of several food groups in the right amount.  Dairy, fat and sugar, fruit and vegetables, protein and whole grains are the appropriate nutritional food groups.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations

WHO recommends  the following five measures to apply

  • Focus on a healthy body weight and an energy balance
  • Maintain energy consumption from entire fats and look for more unsaturated fats and less waterlogged fats.
  • Increase the level of consumption of vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits, and nuts.
  • Obtain less sugar
  • Obtains less salt/ sodium
Unhealthy eating has severe consequences

Many people die prematurely due to stroke, coronary heart disease and other causes of illness. At the majority, such incident links to unhealthy eating and lifestyle. Poor diet, as well as a lack of exercise, has resulted in death and poor health conditions.  Research has shown that cancer, diabetes, heart disease, strokes, rotting teeth, and osteoporosis can be prevented from healthy eating and lifestyles.

Healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are important for longing life.  One can sustain with good physical and mental condition from healthy eating and lifestyle. The unhealthy living is more costlier than one can imagine.

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