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Pregnancy is very mesmerizing moments but can be a demanding period as well.  The change in the body brings aches and pains and other muscle pain that includes back pain, leg and foot pain.   Massage therapy share same goals as during pregnancy, women seeks such like improving mobility, relaxing tense muscles, relieving sore spots, however to the particular needs and changes in the body and experiences of pregnant women must be customized. Research has concluded that pregnancy massage can be a vital part of woman’s parental care and is secure and useful methods to aid in a women constructive experience of pregnancy.

Mood and Outcome

Regular massage therapy helps to minimize depression, anxiety, back, and leg pain and is useful in decreasing cortisol level and excessive fetal activity. Frequent therapy as well helps to improve pregnancy outcomes.

Labor Pain

Repeated massage therapy facilitates pain management among active women. Doctors, therapists also recommend pregnant women to acquire regular massage as it eases to reduce labor pain.

Low-back Pain

Pregnant women having lower back pain are common and can have a negative effect on quality of life leading to suffering from severe.  However, only a few pregnant women attain massage therapy and gain its benefits. The cure reduces lower back pain and supports relieve minimizing stress.

Massage Therapy and Pregnancy

Massage therapy is considered an important option as it improves the overall parental health of pregnant women. Regular cures can benefits to both pregnant women and unborn child, keeping them healthy.  Reduction in pain, aches, better pregnancy outcomes and diminished risk of premature birth are the major highlights concluded by research and study.

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