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Obsessed with your pain and confusion on healing?

Pain is a complex matter, and experiences that we go through in the process of ascertaining activities, task etc. Our body does not need to go through any injury or inflammation to experience pain. Each individual, each body parts go through different pain. Pain affects daily activities reducing the compatibility as well as our quality of life.

Pain slows down the working capacity of any individual and consumes more time. There are several ways of reducing pain along with massage therapy.  We have mentioned some tips and effective tools to manage pain.


Ice is generally referred for acute injuries or annoyance of chronic state of affairs.  Ice aids in the reduction of swelling, pain, and inflammation by reducing the blood flow to injured tissue. Relieve from headaches, strains and sprains that occur from sports, slips or fall are other benefits of Ice application.  Ice should be used for no longer than 10 minutes taking 10-minute rest. Use a thin towel to cover the ice. A little ice bath is a grand outline of cold therapy for an extreme injury and a sprained ankle.  You can submerge your foot and ankle for a few minute in a bucket or large bowl with cold water and add some ice cube.


Heat comforts blood flow by opening up blood vessels, releases tense muscles and aid to lessen discomfort. Applied heat is an effective method to reduce headaches, tension, and other chronic conditions. One must be attentive before using heat therapy. Before in taking heat always wait for 48-72 hours after injury. Do not apply the therapy if the affected body region does not feel anything or if you are going through poor bad circulation. Always remember not to apply heat in the swelling or bruising area. Use a thin towel to apply heat and do not apply heat directly. Manage the time of one hour between heat remedy and if you have any doubt in the treatment use ice.


A foam roller is an inexpensive and effective tool to support relief from stiffness, tightness, and pain. Foam rolling enhances flexibility, relaxation, prevents injury and also develops muscle recovery targeting myofascial system. Fascia is multi –coat web of connective tissue that encircles every organ, bones, muscles and vessels. Foam rolling is applied placing in the specific tight muscles. This will result in blood circulation, reduces inflammation and promotes healing capacity.  It can also be applied to increase mobility and reduce stiffness in particular body area like in the upper back area. Its benefits include relief from stiffness, pain, tightness and healing. The foam adds complement in the message therapy and chiropractic care.


Like a foam roller, Yoga or therapy balls can be applied to gain relief from muscular tension. Therapy balls help b focusing on the specific trigger points that have caused discomfort or a grief.  The amount of pressure applied can be controlled. On a muscle knot, you can have a strong and satisfying pressure that ultimately relieves stiffness. The balls also can be used to ease sore feet, relieve shoulder stress and untie tight hips. Therapy balls can be carried along while traveling.


Biofreeze, is a cold therapy used to reduce minor joint and muscle pain. It is current painkiller device that releases pain naturally. It infiltrates the skin immediately responding to pain and temperature receptors by giving information to the brain to feel a cold sensation in place of pain.  Compared to the traditional ice pack, Biofreeze is more convenient and comfortable. Bio-freeze is developed in the form of a spray, roll-on stick or gel to support in the pain relief.

Knowing the cause of pain and identifying the area where the pain is felt is an importantly concerned issue.  One must consult with professionals for better advice for better health assessment. You can contact Himalayan body care for further information and therapy supports to eradicate your pain.

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