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Can Massage Promote Weight Loss?

Clients always expect good relaxation, stress relief and body flexibility during a massage. A therapist must provide a good massage to a client’s in order to fulfill guest expectation and to gain retention as well. Here are some major techniques and consideration to attain good and perfect massage.

Work slowly

We cannot conduct appropriate massage collect. The therapy should be luxurious, relaxing and sensible for a partner. Each and every time must be dedicated to individual body parts, providing full care and concentration. Strokes must be kept long, slow and smooth.

Keep hands in touch with the skin at all times

During the massage, the hands should be in contact with client’s skin.  This helps to keep the momentum flow and maintains the atmosphere of relaxation. It is better to keep one hand in touch with skin while garbing towel or drinking water or putting oils.


The key part throughout a massage is communication. Communication helps the clients and therapist to engage in the ongoing session with full attention. Communication can be done through by asking about pressure and how they feel, what part of a session they are enjoying most but in a soothing voice in order to maintain the calm atmosphere.

Pay attention to knots

The therapist must be aware of knots in the client’s body parts. S/he can ask client’s and if they have then it better to work on them to release from their body.

  • Be sure to ask a client’s first as it can be painful and can ruin their relaxing massage.The knots may shape like peas. They can feel like circular areas of tightness, tiny bumps or large. Attempt directly to get on the top of the knot in order to avoid slip.
  • Put increasing pressure to the knot, rotate thumb or finger in opposite direction and undo it.
  • Avoid extreme involvement in any deep tissue work. Be in touch with what the client feels.
Avoid the spine and any bones

Do not apply pressure to the spine or any other bones.  This causes unpleasant and uncomfortable for the client’s and can as well results harm. Therapists have to work on muscles as muscles collect more tensions.

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