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Simple exercise really helps to build your body

Build your body

The heart is a muscle as well and it gets much stronger and healthier if one pursue an active and healthy life.  Normal exercise can help you to maintain your health and it’s never late to begin exercise. A simple regular exercise matters a lot.

Regular workout helps to burn calories, reduces bad cholesterol and boost up good cholesterol and helps to maintain blood pressure.

Are you only an expert thinker?
easy start

Think what you would like to do and your fitness. How would you enjoy more? Will it all by yourself, with an instructor or in class? What do you prefer, home or gym hall?

You can build yourself slowly to the things you cannot do now. And you can begin with what you can do.

If you do not have enough stamina then might start with walking, later jogging, then, finally, you can jump to running. Be updated with doctor’s advice to avoid bad consequences.

Your schedules should include

Aerobic exercise

Running, biking jogging and low impact activity like swimming or hiking are the best aerobic exercise. You can maintain a balance of aerobic exercise based on your heart rate and breathe.

Stretching: Warm up before and after exercise is most common sets every athletic or player follows. Stretching increases the body flexibility and eases muscles spasm.

Strength training. Strength training can be done using weights or resistance band. It is better to repeat the training 2-3 times a week.  Leisure time helps to recover muscles.

How Much Should You Exercise and How Often?

Put yourself for at least 30 minutes, 4-5 days a week with average activity. Later, you can increase the intensity.

Gradually upgrade your workouts according to your body adjustment.

Maintain the general, low pace before and after your workout to maintain you warm up and cool down a level.

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